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Question 1984 BMW 318i

My 1984 BMW 318i's brake pedal is pretty firm but it makes a hissing sound and moves slowly down. I just did a brake job that included turning rotor and drums, pads, shoes, rear cylinder rebuild, spring kit, and I'm planning to rebuild the calipers on tuesday when the parts and the caliper honing stones arrive. Now braking is poor and last night and again today the front brakes were locked. Today was especially bad. I let it cool and then switched the rotors and worked the passenger side caliper with some channel locks. This seemed to help because I got home but I'm not sure. The rebuild goes without saying, I'm planning that for tuesday reguardless. I need to know what the firm pedal, sticking calpiers, and losing pressure mean. Also the noise is troubling. It happens when you press the brake. It hisses. Then the pedal travels slowly down. Someone said master cylinder, I'm thinking power booster. I'm open to suggestions. I'd apreciate some help on this idea too. I'm thinking about converting the 84 318i to an 87 325is. I've found an is that's wrecked and I was thinking about buying it for about a grand (that's what the guy quoted me). The is has all disc brakes and five lug bolt as opposed to drum and four bolt. Also the is has a straight six and few other little things. One drawback: no computer! The 325is has more stuff to upgrade the engine with and more power. They're the same body and as I understand it everything will bolt right on. I love the sturdy body and the although the parts are espensive they're usually top quality. The car is just plain fun too.
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Sounds like a bad booster or a wiped check valve.

A grand sounds steep for a parts car like that. However, these series BMW's (especially the 318) are hardly the bastion of quality and start to soak you fast when they get old like this .

Spend the money on getting it in order first before dumping a grand into a whirlwind of money losing propositons .
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