old car new problems


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old car new problems

Thanks for prior assistance. The hood problem proved to be a broken mounting on cable housing. Ireplaced the battery, and the car started easily, but immediately began making a racket and it is burning oil -- which it has not done before. Does this always mean worn ring or burned valve, or could it have blown a gasket? How do I check?

Is this a "do it yourself" or "do it for me" problem? How long can the car be safely run in this condition?

(On restart, the car did not smoke, but it is clicking loudly.)

Thanks for patiently answering my questions without insulting.
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A rich fuel/air mixture can also cause smokey exaust and if you have antifreeze leaking into the oil which blows up past the piston rings and into the combustion chamber and burned as steam which can be mistaken for smoke going out the exhaust which is really steam.

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