i got fuel, but wont start


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Angry i got fuel, but wont start

i have a 93 jeep grand cherokee..v-6...i turns over but wont start. Problem started bout two weeks ago. It would eventually start, but a few days ago when i drove it it sputtered the whole time. Now it will not start at all. I can smell the gas, it acts like it wants to start, but wont.

I initially thought it may be my fuel system, but i can see the gas under the hood goin to the injectors.

I am not sure if my injectors are clogged or there's a sensor that has gone bad.
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Of course, any car running with all these fun electronics under the hood, there could be anything preventing the engine from starting, but it could be something simple dealing with the ignition system. Are you getting spark to every cylinder? Take a plug out, plug it into the respective plug wire and hold the plug against something that will ground it. Have someone else try to start your jeep and see if you get a bright spark every time the engine rotates the distributor.

You can also check out Jeep-specific websites and forums. Good luck.
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Start with the links and posts in my signature file below.
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you are so right,,,now the vehicle just started...its sputters when i initially press the accelarator.....smooths out with steady pressure...then sputters at a stop..... ..still
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Again, start with the posts and links in my signature file.

Read my post "The Basics" and tell us what you find.
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Clogged fuel injectors sympton is low power to get around like barely being able to drive out of the driveway.This happened to me every two years or so until I switched to a higher premium gas and that solved the problem.Some car models have this problem all the time and other cars never need the injectors cleaned.Get them cleaned at the dealers though.They do a though job rather than the gas treatment you can buy at auto parts.

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