Computer or alternator?


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Computer or alternator?

'88 Chrysler NY Landau 3.0
Prob. started w/ceiling read-out saying "improper voltage".
Voltage was 10.56V.
Then it said "engine temp high"
It wasn't.
Then all sorts of error messages.
Then LED dash went blank - then on - then blank - then on etc., etc., etc..
Volt meter on dash showed low - then normal - then low - then normal,etc., etc., etc..
Headlights on - then off - then on (conserving the juice??).
Headlight doors would not open - screwed them up/open.
Computer diag. @ gas station = low voltage & lock-up solonoid bad. BS. Lock-up solonoid is working.
SMEC controls voltage on this car.
QUES: SMEC or alternator?
Me thinks the computer but would like confirmation please.
The mechanics in my area really suck.
How do I know ?
After $5,000 worth of work; including a new Jasper engine that leaks oil from the left head and valves are way out of adjustment (clickity clickity from day one); new rack & pinon and new front wheel hub assy's; all in the last 6 mo's @ 3 different shops believe me, I know. All the work was done by shoemakers.
I can't get anybody to tell me what it IS.

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Intermittent battery voltage?Attach voltmeter across battery and whack the battery with a rubber mallot but watch for intermittent voltage reading at the same time.Cold be bad battery cell.
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Wild guess but how about loose ground wire from engine replacement.

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Ouch. 5 grand on this is a collosal waste of money. I would have pitched this thing long ago...3.0 liter engines are lackluster in quality, burn oil and aren't worth bus fare out of the box . The New Yorker is a gussied up K car....akin to putting makeup on a pig.

What's the alternator output with a digital meter? How old is the battery? Alternator been changed? Have the grounds been checked?
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I'm inclined to agree with toyotaman,something is loose,not tightened properly.You couldn't give me a 3.0 Chrysler product either.If you can find the problem,dump the car on someone else.LOL.The place I work took 2 dynastys on trade and wholesalers won't buy them.That means something.
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