engine swap question 2.2 Chrysler


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Question engine swap question 2.2 Chrysler

Hi all, I'm getting moving on an engine swap. A 2.2 from an '87 Charger is going to replace a 2.2 in an '87 Caravan. I have the engine from the charger out and now I'm getting started with the Caravan. Both engines are carbureted, by the way.

I just found out that the Caravan does not have an O2 sensor, nor a feedback carb. The 2.2 from the charger does have both.

How can I make this swap work right? Do I have to swap spark control computers to accommodate the O2 sensor readings or does the feedback carb connect directly to the O2 sensor?

I can always just put the non-feedback carb on the good engine and just be done with it, but the Caravan has been sitting for about 4 years with no air cleaner attached. I'm fairly certain it would need at least a very good cleaning and lubing before I'd want to use it.

So... what do you all think? Swap computers or not? Swap carbs or not? Thanks a million!
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Personally I'd swap carbs,if you attempt the other route you will find a wiring nightmare most likely.
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Visit a junkyard that has a Hollander interchange manual and see if their book shows the two engine applications to be interchangeable. If not, you'll have to find one that is.

It will be a headache to bypass the computer and feedback controls.

You have to ask yourself if this is a worthy swap. The 2.2 carbureted engine is total crap in the Chrysler realm. Unless there is a compelling reason to keep it, pitch it for something better. These engines were not one of Chrysler's better efforts. The money is better spent elsewhere.
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Unhappy Carb swap it is!

Well! Some of that stuff sounded scary. Mainly because I already have bought the car with the engine that I'm putting in the van.

There will be no looking for another engine for this van. The van was given to me and the car (with the good engine in it) cost me $200. Call it fate, but that engine WILL go into that van and like it! lol

The way it's sounding, I'm going to swap carbs. I've been monkeying around out in the garage and I've managed to get pretty smooth action out of the non-feedback carb in the van. Even the secondary barrel seems to have smoother action than the one on the charger's engine. (Well, so it took some lube and a tap with the screwdriver on the throttle plate, but it's working smoothly now.)

Boy, what a maze of vacuum lines! Thank goodness the manual I have details those very nicely (as does the sticker on the underside of the hood).

Just for the hell of it, I'll mention that the fuel line routing is different for the 2 applications. Oh well, one's supply, ones return, and one's vapor return (separate from the vapor line for the vapor canister too).

This sounds like it's going to be more fun than I thought. I appreciate all of your input very much.

I think I'll call the junkyard like suggested, too. I suppose it'll let me in on how much of a battle I have ahead of me.

Thanks again... and any more ideas are welcome as well. Ill keep yall posted.
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