1991 ford van econoline


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1991 ford van econoline

have a rusted oil pan on a 4.9L 6 cyl , need to know what steps to take to R&R oil pan , or will jb weld do the job ? tryed seal all , but it became soft as the engine heated up , will this seal all cure with time or should i get rid of it and go with jb weld.
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Change the pan if it rusted through in one spot there will be another.Joe.F has an autolibrary link that will give details on replacement.
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thanks for the response on the oil pan , i kinda thought this was a dead issue , but was hoping , looks like a job to me , how do i get to the link you advised , a newbee here , so dont know my way around here yet , please steer me to the right site , thanks again , almost
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Almost, copy and paste this link for info.
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thanks for your time stevo2 , could'nt get hooked up to that link , not that savey on this computer , was just trying to find out what had to be done to get this oil pan off , pull motor which is a nite mare , or pull trans and maybe get it out that way , looks like oil sub sceen would'nt clear if i tryed to do it by pulling trans wow , did'nt need this nite mare right now , thanks for your post , almost
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You will do yourself some justice if you pick up a Chiltons service manual as it has this procedure in it and also the proper tightning sequence. Try your local library or maybe www.automanualtrader.com on the web.

Oil Pan

4.9L Engines
1989-91 MODELS

Remove the engine cover.
Remove the air cleaner and disconnect the air inlet hoses from the throttle body.
If the van is equipped with A/C, have the system evacuated by a qualified technician using an approved recovery/recycling system, then remove the compressor.
Remove the EGR valve.
Drain the crankcase.

Drain the cooling system.

Remove the upper intake manifold and throttle body assembly.
Disconnect the Thermactor® inlet hose and remove the check valve.
Disconnect the upper radiator hose and remove the fan shroud.
If equipped with an automatic transmission, remove the fluid filler tube.
Loosen the exhaust pipe-to-manifold nuts.
Raise the van and support it with safety stands.
Disconnect the fuel pump inlet hose.
Loosen the front engine support retainers.
Disconnect the power steering return line clip from the front of the crossmember.
Disconnect the lower radiator hose and transmission cooler lines.
Remove the starter.
Raise the front of the engine with a jack and wood block and place a 3 in. (76mm) thick wood blocks under the front support mounts. Lower the engine and remove the transmission jack.
Remove the engine oil dipstick tube.
Remove the oil pan attaching bolts and lower the pan .
Remove the pan and gasket.
To install:

Clean the gasket surfaces of the oil pump, oil pan and cylinder block. Clean the seal grooves.
apply a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive to the block rails and front cover of the oil pan.
Apply a bead of silicone sealant to the parting line between the front cover and the block; also to the tapered ends of the rear seal portion of the gasket.
Install the gasket, clean the inlet tube and screen assembly and place it in the pan.
Install the pan and tighten the retainers to 144-216 ft. lbs. (16-24 Nm).
Install the dipstick tube, raise the engine and withdraw the wood block.
Install the front support retainers, starter and connect the fuel line.
Install the lower radiator hose and transmission cooler lines.
Install the power steering return line clip and lower the van.
Install the upper intake and throttle body assembly.
Install the EGR valve, connect the exhaust pipe to the manifold.
Install the Thermactor® check valve and connect the hose.
Install the fan shroud and connect the upper radiator hose.
Fill the cooling system.
If equipped with A/C, install the compressor and have the system recharged by a qualified technician using an approved recovery/recycling station.
Install a new oil filter and fill the crankcase with correct amount and grade of engine oil.
Start the van and check for leaks.
Install the air cleaner and inlet tubes.
Install the engine cover.
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rusted oil pan and a rusted brain

thanks stevo2 for all the hard work you put into that return post , yes i will get a service maual befor starting , for the tightning specs , i looked under that darn thing and over it and didnt even think about takeing off the intake , my mind is about as rusted as the oil pan lol , have a great day and thanks again for the post , dont know that i have anything in my head that could ever help you with a problem , but feel free to ask , been around alot of different trades in my life time , so got some infro in this old head , just getting it to come out is the hardest part ,but will keep reading the posts and help who ever i can , thanks almost

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