aerostar fuel system problems


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aerostar fuel system problems

94 aerostar, 4.0.
was running fine on way to store, went to go home and it wouldn't run right. I would start it, it would rev up, then die.
everytime it does the same thing. when i turn the key to "on", the fuel pump runs to pressurize the system, but i cant hear to see if it restarts pressurization when engine starts.
fuel pump HAS been a little noisier than ususal lately.
It will run if accelerator is depressed, only at idle will it die; driving down the road it's fine.
Is it at all possible this is a vacuum problem?
I suspect its either the pump or fuel pressure regulator, and possibly the fuel filter, although it doesnt seem typical for a filter to all of a sudden stop up, usually it's a gradual thing.
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i doubt it is a problem with your fuel pump or regulator i would look for vacum leaks, check throttle plate may need cleaned may have idle speed control motor problem, also make sure air intake hose is still hooked up and not leaking causing maf sensor to read incorrectly which is located in aircleaner housing, generally if had a fuel pump failing to supply the engine it would act just opposite of what you are describing it would idle but die when accelerating.

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