lights dim in cabin @4-5000 rpms


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lights dim in cabin @4-5000 rpms

lights dim in cabin at 4-5000 rpms on 98 ford this an alternator problem?

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It could be an alternator problem or a belt tension problem.
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Why on God's green earth do you need to spool a 98 Escort up at RPM's like that? Lol. Gotta be close to redline. Lol.

Barring that, I agree with Knuckles.
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Lol...go easy on your lil engine, killer

Definitely an alternator or wiring problem...the alternator belt might be worn...make sure it is nice and tight, but dont overtighten and destroy has happened to friends of mine who tighten the belt beyond belief out of frustration and keep taking trips to the yard to get more alternators.

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