Auto polisher/buffer recommendations?


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Auto polisher/buffer recommendations?

I am looking for recommendations for the best (electric) tool to use for polishing, buffing, compounding, whatever. I have seen $30 tools that leave me skeptical. I have also seen tools that look like angle-grinders for $300+. I was hoping there might be something in-between that would would be good for the twice yearly waxing, and for compounding of scratches, water spots, etc.

Are there any name brands you would recommend? Ballpark prices? What exactly is the name of the tool I am looking for? I have seen polishers, buffers, sanders, etc.

Finally, what products are used with these tools? Waxes, polishes, etc., found at the local chain auto store, like Maguiars, Mothers, Nu-tone, etc? Or are there other, superior products that match up best with power tools to really make a difference on the finish?

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I don't take any machines to my paint...ever. They are all done by hand. You have to be proficient with the use of the machine or you do more harm than good in most cases.

Meguiar's, Mother's, and 3M all make good products. See a body shop supply store and they will recommend the appropriate product for the job.

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