1992 LeBaron non-starter


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Question 1992 LeBaron non-starter

1992 LeBaron convertible stored for a few months without running (I know... I know... but it isn't my car). New battery was put in a few months ago and we were able to jump start on first attempt. We drove the car for 2 hours - errands, etc. (engine wasn't turned off).

The constantly illuminated *check battery* light reminded us that something wasn't right. Returned home, turned off engine... Engine wouldn't start again. Just a click from under the hood when we turned the key.

Any ideas (probably a maiden voyage for my new Sears toolkit)?
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Bad starter .The click is the selenoid engaging the starter gear to the engine flywheel teeth but the starter won't turn because it faulty or the connections of it to the battery is intermittent.It takes a huge amount of current through the thick cable connected to the positive battery post so the connection must be very good so make sure that cable is bolted tight at both ends and the starter nuts are tight also
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Check the battery with a digital meter. It should read 12.5 volts. If not, charge it till it does.

Check your connections well for corrosion and frayed wires. If that checks out, rap on the starter with a hammer (don't go ape) and if it cranks now, the starter is wiped. Replace with a rebuilt unit.
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Thumbs up

Thanks David - I'll check the connections... and probably the local junk yard for a replacement starter.
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Thanks Joe.

Boy, am I glad that I found this forum.

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