1990 22R overheating!


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Exclamation 1990 22R overheating!

I have a 1990 Toyota Pickup 2wd with a 22R engine. I changed the timing chain, oil pan gasket, timing cover gaskets, oil pump, water pump gasket, oil, oil filter, and distilled water. It starts and runs great. Well I think it sounds perfect but my dad thinks it sounds funny(not a mechanic). It started up and ran great but it started running hot. I took it out of the garage and down the street for a test run and it got hotter. It basically was overheating when I brought it back. I figure the thermostat is stuck from being dry for a few weeks. When I started the truck I had the radiator cap off and i spewed some water. I put the cap on and then I went to check the guages. I immediately came back and opened the cap again before it had heated any. When I took it off water still spewed out so I immediately capped it. Now upon reading all that I have written it almost seems unlikely that it could be anything but the thermostat. Please help guys!
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If what you're saying is that with the engine cold and the cap off you started the engine and got a geyser out of the radiator, what you've got is probably a blown head gasket.
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As I recall (Larry "Toyotaman" can probably back me up) these 22R engines are problematic with front cover issues. Could have a leaky/cracked front cover or blown gasket as suggested.

Did you replace the radiator cap? Cheap insurance, but the problem is likely elsewhere.
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Only issues with front cover are chain wearing through(that just puts coolant into the oil).

As far as other leaks may be from trying to "sneek" cover out without removing oil pan or head. It's much easier if you remove one them.

If it spurts out on crank or start up it a bad HG or I have seen cracked heads(compression in the coolant).

Also this engine will carbon up I think the second from the front and rear head bolts on the right side. You have to clean the bolt and run a tap through the block.

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Was it overheating before you did all the work to the engine? If not you might just have air in the coolant system and need to bleed it out.
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thanks yall. i let it cool and checked it. It was low I filled it up and it's been working great. Only problem is oil leaks from the part of the gasket that hits the timing cover. I'll fix it later.

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