Maintenence required light on


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Maintenence required light on

My 88 plymouth voyager just turned 65,000 miles and the maintenence required light came on. I was told you have to take it in to a technician to deactivate it. Can I do it? Is there an easy way to shut it off short of taking the bulb out. It has the 2.5 cyd engine. Any help is appreciated.
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Some Chryslers of that vintage had lights which would signal that a check of the emission system is needed. Not to be confused with the check engine light.

On most, replacement of the lamp module or disconnecting the wire is the only way to shut it off.

See the link I have below in my signature file. They may have something on it.
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Here's the Reset Procedure, courtesy of and &copy2002 Alldata LLC. Used with permission.


Turn ignition key on.
Insert a small screwdriver into small hole on module case and close switch.
Turn ignition key off.
Remove module from bracket.
Remove module battery cover and install a replacement 9 volt battery (if equipped).
Reinstall module on mounting bracket.

Copy & paste the URL below to view the module location.

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