spark plug question???


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wai chow
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spark plug question???

I've changed my 99 Dodge Caravan 3.0 L spark plugs two week ago. Since then I have a feeling that my car is less power & consume more gas. So I change the plugs wire, distributor cap / runner, and still my car still powerless. Today I remove the plugs again for inspection, & found the plug's head foul with black stuff, I guess this is carbon. The spark plug I bought is "Bosch WR9DPX" the platium type ( suppose better performance ), the gap I've measured is around 1.17mm, the spec. require spark plug's gap at 1.1mm. I wonder should I adjust the plug's gap to 1.1mm (cause somebody told me never to adjust platium type spark plug)??? Or is this type of park plug's "heat rate" not fit my car??

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I wouldn't even use those plugs. Use champion...I think the correct # is RN12YC...if memory serves me right, but check to be sure. Set the plug gap correctly. This car came with champions from the factory. Also make sure you didn't get any of the plug wires crossed.
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I agree with Cheese. Anything other than factory plugs on this is a waste of money.
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During repair if you see black carbon,you are seeing carbon tracking.In this case unfortunatly you must replace plugs and wires to avoid repeat failures.When you have carbon tracking both components need replaced at the same time.
If you replace one or the other you will see repeat failures of either the plugs o r wires.The carbon path is replicated on the plug and wire and will repeat itself.Carbon tracking will continue untill you replace both at the same time.
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wai chow
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thanks everybody I think I'll take the advice & change all the plug. I'll check the plugs again couple weeks later & let you know.
Anyway, thanks a lot.

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i would recomend you have your computer scanned for codes the fact that your gap was off a little is not going to turn the plug tip black that is caused by to much fuel you probably have a sensor bad causing the computer to give excessive fuel to engine.

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