rusted rotors splitting?


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rusted rotors splitting?

When I brought my rotors in to be turned as part of a front brake job the counter guy said I should buy new ones because the cooling slots of the rotors were rusted and they might split someday. I'd never heard of that and just thought he was trying to get me to buy new ones...

Anyone ever heard of this??
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I've never seen cooling slots on vented brake disks that WEREN'T rusted.
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They are always rusty he as just trying to get you to buy a new set. the only time you do repalce them if they are warped or they are thin and could not be cut and if they cut them they will be thing and then they will split.
good luck
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Whoa Nelley.

Those are the cooling fins. If heavily rotted, the rotor's integrity is compromised. Pitch them for new ones.

Most times on many hubless rotors it can cost AS much to cut them as to buy new ones.

If they were heavily rusted, the parts guy was 110% right.

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