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Lightbulb automotive

93 plymouth aclaim have spark have gas all the way up to the carb but not getting in carb when dumping gas into carb still will not start what do i do confused:
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Is it possible that the carb is receiving too much fuel and flooding out?
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What engine does this have? 2.5 liter? No '93 acclaim came with a carb. Has the timing belt been replaced in the past 80,000 miles?
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Assume that you have a 2.2 or 2.5 liter throttle body engine on this one...

Go to any parts store and get a noid light. Take off the plug on the fuel inector. Hook up the light. Crank the car. If the light doesn't pulse/flash, the electrical system/grounds/computer grounds are at fault (or the connector is faulty) and it is not providing juice to the injector.

If it pulses normally, the fuel injector itself could be bad or electrically shorted.

You cannot tell if you have valid fuel pressure unless you use a fuel pressure gauge...any parts store with a tool rental program (Autozone for one) can rent you the needed gauge.
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Cheese and Joe,

I'm glad that you posted about the carb/fuel injection. I didn't think they made any vehicles now-a-days with a carburetor. Now I know.

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They don't .

The last US Chrysler with a carburetor was a 1991 Grand Wagoneer 5.9L to my recollection. Some of the export spec Jeeps after that (mostly for export to China) had carbs.

This poster's Chrysler is throttle body fuel injected. To the untrained eye, it LOOKS like a carburetor. It is similar in design to a carburetor, but it doesn't have a needle and seat or a float. It has a single injector that fuels it all.

It's called TBI, throttle body fuel injection, single point fuel injection. I've even seen "showerhead carburetor" (the fuel flow looks like your showerhead, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Ford might calll this electronic fuel injection or CFI (central fuel injection).

The easiest term is throttle body fuel injection. All vehicles have a "throttle body".

A carbureted car has one, it's assimilated with the carburetor.
A throttle body fuel injected one has one, it mixes fuel and air.
A multiport fuel injected (one injector per cylinder) has one too, it only meters air though.

Does that clarify it a bit?

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