Wheel Bearings?


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Wheel Bearings?

I need to have the front passenger wheel bearing and ball joint replaced on my car, according to the dealer. I have a 1997 chryler sebring 2.5l lx hard top. It is vibrating seriously in the front end. Initially it only happed when I turned to the right, but now it is constant.

The dealer actually said the inner tie rods and the bearing needed replacing, but a second inspections some where else says the tie rods are fine but the ball joints are bad!!!

My question is this; I have done a little bit of auto work. Brakes, belts, hoses, even a head gasket. Do you think this is something I should leave to "professionals" or is it really not that difficult?

Also is there other service manual that are better than Chiltons?


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If you change tie rods or ball joints you also have to do an wheel alignment which you probably do at a shop.To check wheel bearing,jack up suspected bearing part of car and spin wheel as fast as you can by hand and put your ear a few inches from hub and listen for noise.If the bearing is bad,there will be no mistake because the noise will be a growl ..A good bearing should make no noise.Shops use impact rachets to remove seized nuts and bolts on exhaust and suspension parts.This rattles the nuts and bolts to loosen them and if you did it by yourself you probably will break some bolts if you use a rachet but Saturday mechanics do change exaust and suspension parts only be sure about safety .
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You might do a little homework on this subject, starting with Alldata.com for one.

I believe Chrysler had a recall or campaign on these front ends, and the balljoints were included as part of that problem, and they were making provisions for partial reimbursement.

In fact, checking alldata, I am right :


Call up the Chrysler dealer and ask them why you weren't contacted about the initial recall on this. They should eat all or part of the repair for free in my belief.

Unfortunately, these JA/JX/FJ bodied vehicles were not bastions of quality .
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Might want to get a third opinion, too, given there was disagreement in the first two. If you go for another opinion, don't tell them about any suspected bad parts or what anyone else has said, so that you will get an unbiased opinion.

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