Honda Won't Start?


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Honda Won't Start?

I have a 1991 Honda Accord LX 2.2 EFI. I changed the plugs, cap and rotor, gave it an oil change. It ran fine that evening but the next morning I started it it ran for about 3 minutes and then died. I tried to restart it the engine turned over but would not start. I checked for fuel problem which didn't seem to be the case. I checked for spark and found their was no spark. So then I checked the coil with an ohm meter, it was bad. I bought a coil from the Honda dealer when I put it in it still turns over but no spark. Is the Igniter/control module the next thing to check and is their anything else you can think of? Any help would be appreciated.

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Make sure the center spark plug cable is ok and firmly inserted into the distrib.cap and the coil at the other end.This cable supplys the spark to all the other spark plug wires.You might have dammaged this cable when you removed it.To remove a spark plug boot,twist the boot a bit first to break the seal then grasp the boot and pull it out .
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Take off the cap. Crank over the vehicle. Make sure the distributor rotor turns. If not, broken timing belt. Possible bent valves if so .

If the rotor turns, then suspect the ignitor. These era Hondas have had numerous problems with the entire ignition system including the rotors, coils, caps, rotors, and everything in between.

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