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I have a 1987 Chevy Caviler 2.0 with a speedometer cable that is noisy when the weather temperature is around freezing. Do I have to replace the entire assembly or could I lube the inner cable?? Also what type of lube should I use because of the possible cold weather that is on the way.
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Buy speedo lube made of graphite at auto parts.Disconnect the cable from the speedo guage at the rear and pull out center metal cable a couple of feet and squeeze lube down the sheath cable and whip the metal center cable up and down several times to work the lube down with the aid of gravity.When you attach the speedo cable back on to the speedo guage,make sure it goes all the way in so the guage can grab the center metal cable.Don't lube the cable from the transmission end unless you have to because you need the gravity for the lube to work its way down but sometimes it is done from the transmission end.
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Lube the cable, and barring that if it doesn't help, pitch the cable for a new one.

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