90 Prelude A/C system trouble.


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90 Prelude A/C system trouble.

I have a 1990 Prelude SI 2.0 . I have replaced the A/C compresser- clutch, and the freeon(134a). The compresser will stay ingauged for a varying amount of time before it disingauges and a red light comes on on the A/C switch inside the car on the dash. I've checked for leakes but don't seem to have any because everytime I put my gauges on I'm reading the same pressure. I've also used jumper wires on the low side and high side pressure switches to bypass each switch if one or the other is faulty. Still same problem. Help Please.
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Whoa Nelley. Incomplete conversion.

The receiver dryer has to be replaced as it contains dessicant that is R12 compatible only (If it's the original). Not to mention it's clogged with junk if the compressor let go as well.

See autolibrary.org below to see if they have anything on the A/C system, but barring that, A/C service requires special tools, procedures, know-how and experience to service correctly.
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The receiver / dryer was replaced also. Forgot to include that in my post. Thanks for your input.
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I'm having the same problem with my 1990 Si. Did you ever arrive at a fix for your problem with your 1990 A/C that you could share? Thanks.
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Check to see if the elect fan is running while your a/c is on max it should be on all the time the next thing to check is your high side line temp it will be warm but hot if the fan is running and the line is very hot (close to eng. temp) than you have a 98% chance the condenser is plugged or restricted and needs to be replaced this happens alot when doing a r12 to r134 conversion. If the fan is not running all the time them check the fuse and relays or the fan itself. The last thing to check is the temps on the in and out side of your evaporater (AC's equilivant to a heater core) there should be no feelable difference in the in and out temps if using a thermo. 5 deg. max if cold going in and hot comming out then the evaporator is plugged up good luck.

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