temperature gauge going crazy

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temperature gauge going crazy

I have a 1991 Plymouth Sundance. The temperature gauge is very irratic. It goes to hot and then will fall slowly back down to the center. It does not do it every time. I know the car isn't overheating because this happens before the car gets a chance to warm up. What can I do about It? Is it just the instrument panel or what? Thanks for any advice.
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I think it is time for a thermosat. sounds like it is old and weak and need to be replaced. It will be located at the top rady. hose and top of eng.---Good Luck-Dave-----
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Most obvious is the coolant level in the radiator full?Not the overflow bottle.
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I had a similar problem with my '82 Chevy silverado. The needle would peg hot. I changed the temp. sending unit, same thing happened. I finally purchased an instrument panel(used $35) and replaced the gauge itself. That was the problem.
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thanks for your suggestions. The radiators is full with antifreze and there are no leaks in any of the hoses. the thermostat was replaced in april could it be bad already. I will look for another instrument panel at PicknPull today.
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Thanks to Chrysler's "quality", there is actually a bulletin in Alldata that this is a normal condition .

My friend had the same concern on his 91 Shadow 2.2, which is the brother to this K car replacement. When I looked it up in Alldata, it says that variation in the temperature gauge (up to about the 3/4 mark) is quite normal.
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joe cool .... don't make your bad feelings towards chrysler products get in the way of helping somebody with a concern.!
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I have no bad feelings about Chrysler products, they simply are lackluster . Check alldata.com and tell me if there is a bulletin from Chrysler on this problem?

Newsflash from Alldata:

081593 APR 93 Temperature Gauge - Fluctuation Explanation.

Gauge fluctuation is a NORMAL concern on this model. (I don't buy it, but Chrysler claims it is).

I suggest the original poster get a copy of this bulletin. It may explain the issue at hand.

The P body Shadow and Sundance are K-cars in disguise and weren't much better than the K cars they replaced. Poor quality, cheap materials, blowing 4 speed trannies, notorious gasket blowers, they rot out, the originals were equipped with the wrong alternator if they had AC, they fall apart....need we go on?

I know this car well. My good friend from college drives one with 150k on the clock and we've done everything on this vehicle. Only due to rigorous upkpeep has it lasted this long. It would have been dead a long time ago had it not been .

So, what advice are you offering this poster?
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1991 Buick 2800 mortor

It backfier by the air filter and stall
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Hi bob#3 Welcome to the DIY forums!

You did know this thread is almost 4 years old? Thank you for your input (it's probably a good one!), but we try not to bump old threads like this. The original poster is long gone, or at least has resolved this long since (I hope!) . The information is here for others to search for and add a question, but posting an answer to an old question is something we avoid.

Thanks a bunch. You may want to check your settings to find newer posts?
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