88 ranger blowing oil


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Ron Fields
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Exclamation 88 ranger blowing oil

I have a 1988 Ford ranger blowing a lot of oil out of cap. It fills the air filter and starves the engine for air. It is a carburated 4 cyl. please help. Thanks Ron. I would like to work on this today. Any help please.

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Check pcv valve AND hoses for obstructions.
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If the PCV system checks out as being OK, then the motor is on borrowed time due to blowby .
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Your problem may be worn piston rings causing excessive gas/air mixture to seep down past the piston rings into the oil pan upon the compression stroke of ther pistons.This is called blowby gas and is supposed to be sucked up from the oil pan into a carb inlet via a hose on the valve cover and the flow is controled by the PCV valve which may be defective and also cause this problem.Clean air enters the air filter and the little mesh filter due to vacuum at the carb. inlet and routed to the oil pan where if flushes the blowby gas up to the carb inlet to be atomized.The oil in the air cleaner is the oil pan pressurised blowby gas backing up to the air cleaner because the carb inlet can't suck up enough because there is so much of it or the vacuum is low at the carb. inlet or the air filter mesh in the air cleaner which is secured in a small retainer is dirty and blocked.Change that little mesh filter ,PCV valve ,check the vacuum is strong at the carb.inlet and get a cylinder compression test done and change the piston rings if the compression test shows a low reading.Change the mesh filter and PCV valve first because it is the most common cause of your problem.

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i just had a 81 302 do the same thing. when i pulled it a part i found a broken piston du to foriegn mater put down the carb from previous owner.

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