2000 chrysler voyager


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2000 chrysler voyager

I have a 2000 voyager minivan, with 40,000 miles on it.

6 cyl. engine not sure what size,(sorry)
Something in the engine/drivetrain let loose today and it makes a rotational/rattaling noise only when engaged in gear, drive or reverse. Not in park. The car still drives, it got me home at least and now it is sitting. I also noticed that when I come to a complete stop it then downshifts, this was on my way home.

One month ago, I had a flat tire and I had a tire center put on a no name tire (no label). Get this, tire guy told me it was a differnt size but the same as mine was?? Could this have damaged my drivetrain.
Thank you very much for this forum.
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All tires should be of the exact same size and construction. Replace the tire with the recommended size per the factory.

Too vague on the drivetrain noise. However, this is a 2000 model vehicle and should be covered by the Chrysler warranty. Let the dealer handle the problem at no charge.
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2000 voyager

factory warranty up at 36000 miles!! sounds like trans problem for sure... front pump failure..suspected..
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And you chastised me for calling Chrysler products lackluster? in another post?

No 2000 vehicle with 40,000 miles on it should have ANY transmission problems. That's an outright problem/defect in my book, especially that many OEMs do not recommend service on the tranny this soon!

I suggest that the original poster go back to their Chrysler dealer and have it looked at. If it is determined to be internal failure of the transmission, I would:

1) Speak to the service manager and tell him/her that the vehicle is merely 4000 miles out of warranty and Chrysler should make good on the repairs at no charge, or at minimum maybe a deductible or small fee on the consumer's part.

2) If that fails, I'd be on the phone to Chrysler's hotline and give them some chat about the quality of the product and the failure of the dealer to go to bat for the consumer.

3) If Alldata or the Internet show scores of other vehicles with the same problem (IE TSBs, recalls, etc), then that should be used as proof that there is a known problem...all the more Chrysler should eat it.

Bottom line: It should cost this poster little or nothing to fix this problem if Chrysler stands behind their products .
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