Dakota 5-speed


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Dakota 5-speed

hello fellow DIY'ers. I just picked up a '93 Dakota. Needs some work, so Ill probly be here often.

This truck is a 2.5, 5-speed. 170K. I am not too familiar with manual trans. Every gear works except 3rd. It seems to go in, but as soon as the clutch is engaged it pops out. Grinds too. It almost seems like its not all the way in. Like the teeth are meshed, bearly on the edge of the gear. When the cluch is disengaged and I shift into 3rd...no problem. It only grinds when the clutch is released.

I feels like, an adjustment would fix it. Could it be that simple?
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"could it be that simple?"

Well...it COULD be, but it's not. You have an internal transmission problem. Sounds like the synchro or detent is worn, or the shift fork is bent. $$$ to fix. Look for a used trans.
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thanx knuckles.

If it was a syncro, wouldn't it scratch shifting into 3rd? It goes in, just not all the way.

And a bent fork, couldnt I change the top shift plate? Assumng its a top shifter(no linkage)

I dont know what a detent is.

Generally are these good trannys. Would hate to have other problems with used one.
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Depends on what's worn. A worn blocker ring will cause a 'grind' when shifting. A worn synchro dog gear won't necessarily cause a grind if the blocker is good.

You have the AX-15 trans. It is an internal rail design trans. It must be completely disassembled to access the shift forks.

These transmissions are extremely simple to overhaul, but the parts are expensive. Get a manual & have at it if you're confident in your mechanical skills.

FYI, 3-4 shift fork is $57. 3-4 synchro sleeve is $117. You can probably get a used trans for about $150, maybe less if you shop carefully.
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I'd stay away from a used gearbox unless you know it to be good and from a low mileage unit. You could be back to square one if this is a known problem unit.

Alternatively, you can R&R the box yourself and have a tranny shop do the overhaul of it. That will save you money and get a good job as well.

www.junkyarddog.com is where I would start on a used tranny.
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Ok guys, Thanx alot...Rebuild is the way to go.
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