Cracked intake manifold on 98 Mustang


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Cracked intake manifold on 98 Mustang

My son has a 98 Mustang V-8 and he has a tiny crack in the intake manifold loosing antifeeeze, no engine performance problems. He tells me that the manual says it's PLASTIC ...???

Is there any chance he could fix this wirth an outside epoxy patch ? He's an staving ex-navy college student needed to slide by for a while...what do you think ?

Bob Gee I wish this didn't happen just now
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I would say yes. There are several products that would work. The best I've found is called plastic weld. Not many epoxies like jbweld will wanna hold on the plastic very well. I had a cracked radiator top (plastic, on my 89 CRX). I tried several different products and the plastic weld from Advance Auto was the one that did the trick.

Hope this helps.
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Pitch the manifold for a new one. If it's cracked in one place it's going to crack elsewhere.

It's a 1998 vehicle, not a 1978 (at least if it were a 1978, it would have a cast iron manifold and you wouldn't have this issue).
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Seen this happen on GM products. Save yourself a headache and just replace it now.
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I too believe that the best repair would be a new manifold but if times are tight you can try the outside patch. Remember to drain some coolant and clean the crack of all contamination. You might also try some Bar's Leak products. Some of them do work in a pinch. Contact them for the best product to use.

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