porsche A/C ? & odometer ?


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porsche A/C ? & odometer ?

This was our original question, and your answers.

1985 Porsche 944 6 cyl 40,000 miles
Can anyone tell us what is wrong with the A/C ? When it works is does blow cold. It may just start right up, or it may not. When it doesn't start up, it blows the hottest air..
TO GET IT TO WORK, WE STOP THE CAR. Turn off the ignitiion and start up again. The air may come on or not. We can go through this several times and finally the air is on.

JOE KNUCKLES SAID It could be any number of things in all reality.
Do you have any kind of repair manual? If not, it may be wise to have it looked at professionally

BIGOPAPX2 SAID As Joe Knuckles said it could be a number of things, but being that it is sparatic it would be logical to me that it's some sort of electrical problem.
(shot in the dark here)
I would think that your compressor is turing on when it wants to. I would look at your fuses and your wiring to the compressor (under the hood). Sorry if I offended you there, but you never know who you are talking to and if they know car repair or not.

No we do not have a repair manual and are currently looking for one.
Does anyone have a place to find them?

Yes we did have the car looked at and the mech is also stumped.
the elect and various sys were checked.

Yes the compressor stays on even when the blower is pumping hot air through the vents.

Remember to get the nice cold air to come through the vents, we have to start the car and shut it off several times before the cold will come through.
We know this sounds crazy, but it works. And it is not good for the starter to do this. We'd like to fix the a/c.

Also, the odometer stopped working and the gas gauge does not seem to work correctly.
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Did the mechanic have a wiring diagram and knowledge of the system? What did he check? Was it a Porsche specialty garage, or a guy with two tools in his toolbox?

The A/C system should be checked for proper charge and operation by someone competent in A/C systems. It seems like the wrong things are being checked.

Have you checked all the fuses and breakers on this for the other issues?

I suggest you seek out a foreign car specialist/Porsche dealer with all the proper wiring diagrams, factory procedures and knowledge of this vehicle...the others seem to be guessing.

Unfortunately, repair of a Porsche and cheap do not go in the same sentence, so it is likely to cost you a heap of dough, but will be cheaper than shotgun repair by folks not familiar with it. Such are the pains of owning a Porsche .
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I would also say that you need to have the A/C freon charge checked by a pro. You might be right at the level where the pressures in the system are marginal. It also may not be an electrical problem, it could be a valve in the A/C that is clogged or not opening or closing correctly. Starting the engine repeatedly may be enough to break things free. Have the system flushed and recharged by a Porsche pro. The fuel gauge may be a bad sender in the tank or electrical wiring, I doubt the actual gauge is bad. If just the odometer part of the speedometer has failed than you may have a stripped gear or something in the speedometer assembly itself. That will have to be removed and looked at by a speedometer shop. If the whole speedometer has failed than you might have a mechanical cable problem. You'll definitly need Factory Manuals even if you plan on even trying to pull parts to have them serviced by someone else.

Try these links for repair manuals. There are others on the web also.
www.stores.ebay.com/manualsdotcom Reprints $120(4 book set)
www.ebay.com Do a search for Porsche 944
www.books4cars.com Do a search for Porsche 944
www.bookfinder.com Do a search for Porsche 944

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