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Question car battery

The battery terminal begins to smoke and spark as I reconnect the negative terminal to the post in 1988 Lincoln Mark VIII. THe battery is not backwards. Why is it smoking and sparking? How can I get rid of the smoking and sparking?
HOw can reconnect my battery to my car and not have this happen?
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MrJ - The sparking, of course, indicates a draw on the electrical system. My experience is, the stronger the spark, the heavier the draw. Your car probably has a digital radio with a station preset memory, and the engine control module also has a memory. Both of these are constant hot(ignition key off, circuit will still be live). In addition, there may be anti-theft devices or other factory or added-on features that use battery voltage even with the key off. This may sound really asinine, but I've done it before - make sure the key is off and out of the ignition switch. Make sure headlights/running lights are off, doors/trunk are closed(so dome/trunk lights won't come on, and any other accessories are turned off. Also, check that all ground and hot connections are clean and tight - corrosion and/or looseness will cause a higher-than-normal draw. Finally, what kind of service were you doing that necessitated disconnecting the battery? When something goes wrong, I've found that the last thing I touched is a good place to start. Hope this helps; let us know - Chris

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