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computer chip

1992 chev silverado 3500 4wd auto/od 7.4l TBI gasoline

Does anyone know of a source for computer chips for this truck?

Pulls strong if TB is not opened more than half way. Feels like too much retard at open or greater than approx half throttle.

Any positive suggestions appreciated.

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One of the best:

This particular chip will tune your timing curve (becuase their requirement is at least 91 octane) and your fuel air ratio. But that's not all it also ups the pressure in the auto tranny and gives you more positive shifts.

/Steps up onto my soapbox/

I'm not sure about the Chuvy but Ford builds in slippage in their trannies For all of the civilized people that don't want performance. Anyway, the chip takes that program out as well.

Anyone that knows auto transmissions knows that slippage causes heat and heat kills auto trannies. So give us the good firm shifts we crave.

/Stepping off my preverbial soapbox/

I'm not real sure why I went off like that I have a 5 speed?? But if I ever have to have a dual use (one mamma can drive too) then I'll get the chip even if they custom burn one for me with nothing but the transmission info.

I have one of theirs in my 97 F-150 4.6. They claim dyno numbers on the 4.6 of 26 hp and 40 lb-ft of torque. I can tell a difference, but I also have headers (Dynomax), cat back (Borla), underdrive pulleys (ASP), and replacment air intake (Airaid).

My .02

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I would suggest checking the basics first.How is fuel pressure,ic the converter clogged?Your truck should rev up with the throttle wide open.I think you have an underlying condition.
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Keep your green in your pocket with a chip. I doubt it's your problem and most aftermarket chips are not worth it. More problems then they are worth. Stick with the stock chip.

I agree with Davo. The problem is elsewhere.
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Although I agree with Joe and Davo on the issue that you do have a problem elsewhere, that is not computer related. I do not agree that the Chips are all a waste of money. It's all in what you want, and what you want to do to your truck.

Fix your problem, then buy a chip if you want to. Don't expect it to work miracles, but they are dyno proven to provide the expected hp and torque gains. Just try to get information from the company of your choice, as to whether or not you are looking at flywheel hp or rear wheel hp.

That's a game all aftermarket companies like to play. Almost all of them boast big flywheel horsepower numbers, cause they look nicer than posting the rear wheel gains which end up being 20% lower on average because of losses through the driveline.

My .02
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Thanks for the info , The engine has 51k on it. The tranny/converter has less than 2k. The truck cruises easily at 80mph at 2600rpm at 14mpg. If you attempt to pass at any speed, at full throttle, the motor struggles as if it is either not getting correct fue/air or the spark is retarded. Let off the throttle to approx half, the truck sets you back in your seat and accelerates right up to 5k. If at anytime during the acceleration, if you get back into the TB, it sucks air(roars), and slows the acceleration.

I have replaced muffler and converter, new plugs & wires.

My old trucks(dodge,chey,ford) have all been non electronic except for ignition. Have always been able to adjust for good performance(trailering) and acceptable economy.

Thanks for your help
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