Manual Transmission '88 Cavalier


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Question Manual Transmission '88 Cavalier

1988 chevy cavalier z24, 170000 miles, v6 engine has ~50000. When I put my car in first gear and start to release the clutch, the gear shift pops out of gear. This does not happen with any other gear. I used to be able to shift into first while rolling and this would not happen, it would go and not pop out. Now, that does not even work. To get first gear to stay in, I have to shift into first while still moving and let out the clutch before I come to a complete stop and depress the clutch again. This seems to work, though. As long as I remember to do this, I can do a normal first gear start. Sometimes I will get lucky and the car will go from first if I have not done this, but it is getting more and more rare that that happens. Most of the time, this would result in a loud clunk as the gear pops out and I am still revving the engine. I bought the car 6 months ago, knowing it had this problem. I was told that the previous owner replaced the engine (because he got a good deal on a new one) but I do not know if it was a do-it-yourself job or professionally done. Is this something that can be fixed relatively easily, or is it something I am going to have to live with?

My next question is, I have a wrecked 1988 Oldsmobile Calais that only has 90000 miles on it but is undrivable because of the trashed rear end. Any parts off the transmission salvageable for my Z24?
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The Cavalier is a J body and the Calais is an N body. No body parts interchange, perhaps some suspension parts (the trailing arms, etc) might. Put the thing on Ebay and part it out/sell it to the highest bidder. Better off.

The Cavalier sounds like a clutch issue. When was the last time the clutch was done?
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Guy I bought it from said he had replaced clutch and flywheel, but he also said that it had been doing the first gear thing for about a year (that makes it a year and a half now). I do not know when he did the clutch work. I know he had the car for about 3 years though.
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He may have cheaped out and not changed the throwout bearing and pressure plate, or used a poor quality one .

Barring that, it might have internal issues due to age and wear in the gearbox.

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