1974 Toyota HiLux


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Cool 1974 Toyota HiLux

I've got a 74 Hilux with an 18R and a 4 speed manual. It's missing alot of stuff. Timing cover, valve cover, and some other parts. It's in decent shape and it's a dually with an RV rear. I already found an '83 with a 22R and a 3-sp auto. I'd like to know if it's possible to put the 22R in the '74. Also whether or not I'd be able to use the existing tranny or if I'd have to get a manual to match the 22R. I doubt the auto can handle traveling. My dad has a 90 22R with a four speed. I always wanted to put a five speed in it. Maybe I could get a five speed tranny from somwhere else and put it in his '90. Then I could use the 4-speed from the '90 with the 22R from the '83 and something magical could happen. Also would the driveshaft have to be changed or would the auto one work? So many possibilities I need a toyota man's help! Please!
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It's probably all swappable, your best bet would be to go to a Toyota newsgroup and see if anyone has done such a swap.

Barring that, simply find another 18R and strip the needed parts.

Try www.junkkyarddog.com to see if a junkyard can help through a part search.
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thanks joe. I would like to put the 22R because I know it runs. It also is a 2.4 litre as opposed to a 2.0. but I like the idea of keeping the four speed tranny. I'm gonna look into it and I'll let u know what i decide. I've got an 88 corolla that needs some attention before my parents get tired of it sitting out front! it seems like it'd be easier though to find an 18R. Where would I find such a toyota newsgroup?
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If you use AOL, type in keyword "newsgroups". Then put "Toyota in the newsgroup field. There should be a group.

Alternatively, just go on google.com and plug in Toyota newsgroup and I'm sure you'll get ton of hits.

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