HELP!! 94 Cavalier PROBLEMS!!


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Angry HELP!! 94 Cavalier PROBLEMS!!

I need HELP!! BAD. I owe a 1994 Cavalier 4cyl. Two weeks ago it all of a sudden just decided that it didn't want to go any faster than 40mph. When you go up hills (lets not discuss) it almost doesn't make it. We took it to a shop and had the catalyt convert checked no problems. We had the trans. serviced still no help.

We then took it to yet another shop--they did a tune-up --AGAIN NO HELP!!
After, they did the tune-up and it didn't work they said it needed a computer. Well, they replaced still doesn't work. No one seemed to know what the problem was until today. The man said it need a EGR valve.

Can yall please tell me what an EGR valve is? Does it seem that this is my problem?

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What all constituted a tune-up.....ten people have ten different ideas of what a tune-up is. What is fuel pressure, was fuel filter changed, plugs wires and coils ok?
Is it trying to go faster or falling on it's face when stepping on the gas at speed?
EGR stuck open will cause a rough stumble at idle or a surge at steady speed,but wouldn't limit speed if accelerating.
Need a little more info to help out.
Sounds like the shop is shooting in the dark instead of diagnosing the problem. Some cars can be buggers to figure out but these guys seem to be just a guessin'.
Which 4cyl are we working with here.
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The tune-up consisted of new wires, plugs, and the (not the distribtor cap)..but the....

When you step on the sounds like a semi/freight train combo. You still go no faster!

Thats the other thing (I forgot) the guy today said it was only firing on the 1st and 3rd cylinder. Wouldn't they have known that at the time of the tune-up
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94 cavalier

I lost two cylinders on my 89 olds, twice!! sounds like your coil is defective-check it out!
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I agree with the other posters, someone is missing the mark.

Bring it to mechanics, not parts changers. These two guys are clueless.

FishPounder hit the nail on the head....must go back to the basics!
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No fire on 1/3 sounds like either dead coil or dead ignition module. Need to test each to see which, if either is defective.

Is this a quad four engine or other 4 cyl. I can't remember at the moment which engine was in these.

From your last post,the wires were replaced- this would make it not a quad four. Need a little clarification here.
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maybe just maybe

I had a friend that had a dodge van with the same problem.
What we found out was that in the fuel tank there is a screen on the pick up tube for the fuel Anyway it was plugged up This filter is in the fuel tank.I would think you could remove the gas cap and blow air into the line to dislodge the stuff kind of back flush the fuel line
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Post More Details on 1994 Chev CAVALIER

This is not a Quad.

They did in fact change the wires and the ignition module.

So from what you are saying the wires or the module could be bad?

We talked to them yesterday--they are still trying to convince us that it is the EGR valve

Thanks for your help
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Well, ask them if they are positive enough of the egr being the fix to not charge you anything if it doesn't fix it! Then tell them to go for it.
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Agree with TowGuy.

You are bringing your car to parts changers if what they change doesn't fix the problem and they cannot tell you WHY the part needed to be replaced!!!
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Just pull the vacuum hose on the egr valve and see if the trouble goes away.Its safe to do so.An egr valve diverts exhaust gas back to be burned in the combustion chamber, under certain engine operating conditions where the exhaust gas is not completely burned, to cut down on smog.

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