Clutch replacement question


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Clutch replacement question

Ref. my 1994 Toyota Celica 5 speed clutch problem.

Now that I know my clutch is burnt out and needs to be replaced I have been quote the following from my Toyota repairman.

He said if the vehicle will not move at all in either first or reverse when I let out the clutch then the flywheel will also have to be replaced. If the vehicle moves at all then the flywheel should be OK.

Price quoted for this repair is as follows using only Toyota original parts.

Clutch $250.00
flywheel 400.00 (if needed)
labor 200.00
Total $850.00

Does this seem to be a far quote for this type of repair ?????????
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I would be skeptical of that analysis before it was opened up. And damaged flywheels can be resurfaced. No way would I part with $400 for a new one.

$250 for a clutch seems pretty steep, but I haven't had to do one
for a while. My last one I had done was an '86 Corolla FWD and parts (oem) & labor came to about $250. That would have been 1993 timeframe or so.

I'm guessing that $250 may be worst case scenario where you need clutch, pressure plate, and throwout bearing.

Will be interested to see what the Toy pro's have to say.
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Agree with tow guy, how can you pass judgement on condition of flywheel without inspecting it? They can be resurfaced if scored or has slight heat cracks more often than not.

Labor seems to be a good deal and parts if OEM and it includes pilot and throwout bearings seems to be ok also.

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I agree with both of these guys.
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Back when I had my Corolla done (it had 105k miles on it) all it needed was the clutch itself; no other parts required. I think the part was $100 (oem), labor $150, something like that.

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