catalytic converter 88 ford ranger


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Unhappy catalytic converter 88 ford ranger

i went in for a smog test in CA and the test failed because of the "HC" levels were extremely too high. i was told that this could be caused by the catalytic converter not working. Is this right? is there any way that i can tell if the catalytic converter is working or not?

Thank you.
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HC is caused by too much unburned fuel going through the exhaust.

You'd have to give us more detail on when the last time the vehicle has seen a maintenance before determing where the fault is. A full tuneup with all filters and parts is a starting point.
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I had the same problem with my 88 buick wagon,
failed with really high readings, so i replaced the catalytic convertor, went back for a retest, and passed with really low
readings. so i think it would be safe to say, yes.
change your cat.
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Changing the converter without finding the root cause of the reason the first cat failed will grenade the new cat in a heartbeat.

The cause of the poor running/rich mixture must be found and corrected or the new cat will die the same fate!!!!

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