Nissan 240sx - 1990 - engine noise

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Son's 240sx
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Question Nissan 240sx - 1990 - engine noise

My son just got a 1990 240SX and it has a noise that sounds like its comming from the engine. It almost sounds like a lite spark knock. It is more pronounced when it is cold but just gets a little quieter when warm. It starts at 1500 RPM and is audible under light acceleration up to 2500 RPM and heavy acceleration right up to the red line. Other than what is described above nothing else seems to affect the noise. I added 104+ two days ago in case it was a timming/octane issue and it made no differance. I also added a valve lifter additive in case it was a lifter problem, that also made no differance. I would be anxious to hear any suggestions you may have.

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Don't spool it up to redline, you'll grenade this thing in a need to spool it up to redline.

How's the oil pressure? Measure it with a hand held gauge. Is it a metallic rapping (like internal engine failure)?

Have you cleaned the EGR valve passages/valve? Another place to start. How about the timing belt/chain? Overdue?

Mileage on the vehicle?
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Son's 240sx
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The mileage is 68890. The person my son bought the car from had just changed the timing chain as the cover was leaking and he thought that since he had it apart he would change the chain. I will check the oil pressure and EGR valve. The noise sounds like a deisel engine only quieter.

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