Toyota Truck Has possible wiring problems...

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Angry Toyota Truck Has possible wiring problems...

I have a 95 Toyota pickup (standard)--4 cylinders... For the past week my truck has been acting like the battery was dying—engine would barely turn over... Finally, on the 3rd or 4th day, the engine doesn’t turn what-so-ever… Assuming my battery was finally dead; I decided to replace it… As I was attempting to take my battery out I noticed a lot of corrosion on the Positive terminal. When I disconnected the lead, I started to tap on the connector with the wrench that I used to knock off the corrosion—I seemed to have tapped quite a bit off… Anyways, I got the new batter and replaced the terminals. As soon as I did that, all the interior lights and alarms (not security, but the alarm that you’d get if you left your key in the ignition) started to go off intermittently. I went back to the auto part store to have them check the battery—was good. I then had them check my old battery—was also good. So now a buddy of mine mentioned that my cables could’ve been damaged from the corrosion—they were the original ones—so I replaced them… I still get the same problem…. I’m wondering if I blew a fuse… I don’t know….

Has anybody heard of this before??????? Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Do an output check of your alternator as noted in my "the Basics" post below.

Tell us what you find.

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