timing gears marks


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Question timing gears marks

I am changing a timing belt on a mazda 323 1.6L 1988 and need to know where the marks on the gears point to?
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If this is just a change out and not a change due to belt failure, you should just be able to take one off and replace it.

If you need to know, the marks on each pulley should point at each other. In other words the cam gear mark should point straight down. And the mark on the crankshaft should point straight up.
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Who ever told me the marks point at each other was WRONG!!!I found out that they are set at 12:00.
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If you know, then why are you asking? . What does your service manual have to say? You DO have one, right?

Barring that, you could have read "Read here before posting" and you would have seen the autolibrary link in my signature file which would tell you the answer.
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Well, seeing that the answer you got differed from the manual, you are entitled to a refund of double what you paid for the advice.

Since the cam rotates once for every two revolutions of the crank, the marks will be facing each other in one revolution.

It seems to me that either way will work on a 323, provided the distributor was not removed. You would have to drop in the distributor with the rotor 180 off or rotate the engine one revolution before installing the distributor if it was removed.

This doesn't apply to all cars, some have several shafts which must be orientated correctly such as balance shafts, injection pumps etc.

Someone with experience would have it running to factory specs even if the marks were installed facing each other, as long as the distributor was aligned during the procedure. Even though he didn't do a perfect shopmanual impersonation he certainly was not trying to trip you up, and he wasn't exactly "WRONG" on the 323 & he was right as far as 90% of cars out there.

Thanks for updating your post with the info you found, and thanks to big for taking the time to help this poster & countless others.
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Answers half the questions on this forum (if folks would read it first ).
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We're waiting for the movie to come out, Joe............
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What movie and who is starring in it? LOL
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Dear Mr. Bruinsnext,
I am sorry to see that I have given you some misinformation. Your refund check is in the mail and I will make sure on my posts in the future that I add the little disclaimer:

No information given here is to be 100% accurate. Use your best judgement and your shop manual to discern between confliting information. The shop manual will usually give you the correct information. All information given by the above will be general information and not to apply to all makes and models. You the owner shall have the final say in any repair and/or modification. You the owner shall also take full responsibility for said repairs and modifications. No actions nor refunds for misinformation will be given in the future.


Seriously, I hope I didn't cause you any heartache. I was giving general mechanical info, as stated before 90% of all timing sets are installed this way. (If it's not more than that)

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