Focus warranty repair

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Focus warranty repair

My son's '01 Focus ZX3 had a break in one circuit of the rear window defroster and was under warranty.
The mechanic said that one wire was burnt, but he fixed it.
Does anyone know if patching the element wire is an accepted way of fixing this or should the glass be replaced?
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it depends on mfg policies and dealer. In the world o' GM and at my shop the glass would be replaced.
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You can buy a patching a kit at a big box autoparts store where there is a huge selection of items that the small autoparts stores don't have.I have seen them.Go to Canadian Tire in Canada or Pep boys in the USA.Don't change the glass because of a broken element.Repair it or peel off the old one and stick on a new one.There are windshield installers everywhere who will change it for you and they probably have the element in stock or will repair yours.
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Yes, most OEMs have repair kits for the defogger. My 1979 GM manual goes into a whole testing and repair procedure. It depends on the OEM and what their service manual procedure is.

Otter: I want to go to your dealership . Those must be some pretty pricey windows! Lol.
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just did one on a client's Yukon XL.

Broken/ detatched connector at rear left defog.

Out of warranty repair: patch

In warranty repair: replace window

lucky guy was within warranty.

I answered too soon to the original post. Should consider if the repair looks like or is a hack job. If the shop did a good job repairing the grid and you can't tell where the break was, be happy.

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