clarification please on contaminated oil cause

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clarification please on contaminated oil cause

You stated the engine was running too rich and I should replace filters .... where should i begin checking ? In the past month I've repalced plugs, PVC valve as well as grommets, valve cover gaskets, air filter, & oil filter. I change my filters on average of every 3 months.
Should I begin with the fuel injectors ( someone told me to remove one and if the car remained running it meant the one still attached was working ... true ?) the fuel pressure regulator (how do I check this) or the throttle body actuator ? I figured these would be the 3 main involved.
Could clogged catalytic converter or exhaust play a part ?? I had an oil leak from a valve cover that caused quite a mess. Could it have clogged either? Black residue has been coming from the exhaust (only since the car starting fouling out). Both have been replaced within the last year (as well as the air pump check valve)

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Which original post # are you refering to?Filters don't have to be replaced if the engine is running rich but a rich mixture will cause more exhaust smoke because of incomplete burn .Valve cover oil leak won't cause any problems and they are supposed to leak a little.You could try hotter spark plugs if all else fails.

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You must start with a full tuneup, including plugs, cap, rotor, wires, PCV valve, air and gas filters, and oil change. The car should be checked for trouble codes stored in the computer. Have the fuel pressure checked with a reliable hand held gauge to verify it is working at the right pressure. Check for any vacuum leaks or broken vacuum hoses. Change the O2 sensor now too. Any exhaust leaks must be rectified.

You do not "remove" any fuel injectors to test them. Fuel injectors very rarely go bad unless they completely stuff or they electrically short. Leave them alone. Most OEM's do not recommend cleaning, it's not warranted in most cases.

DavidF: You stand corrected. A dirty air filter can change the air/fuel mixture, fooling the computer by fooling the input sensors. I have seen mass air flow sensors go bananas due to a cheap air filter or a stuffed one.

The oil smells gas fouled because the engine is calling for too much fuel. It will stuff the converter in a jiffy if left unfixed.

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