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2001 Vette Oil Change

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11-21-02, 07:14 PM   #1  
2001 Vette Oil Change

I have had my vette for just over a year now and do not want to pay the dealer 70 dollars for an oil change. I have wheel ramps low enough to accomodate the corvette. I have heard that since the drain plug is in the front the the rear end needs to be jacked up or a quart or so of oil will not get drained. Is this somethin I really need to worry about. I am one of the people that changes my oil every 3000 miles, I will be using the recommended Mobil-1 synthetic, and Mobil-1 oil filter


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11-21-02, 07:55 PM   #2  
penny wise and pound foolish

you invested in a 2001 vette that I'm assuming is still under warranty and you won't part with 70 bucks? c'mon

Don't forget that the $70 is more than likely going to include a multi-point inspection and dealers are paid to perform warranty work on defects they find. Furthermore, when your vehicle is at the dealer's shop it should be checked for open/outstanding campaigns.

Spend the money, at least while the car is still under warranty. Joe_F hates it when I say this: good luck getting goodwill on a technically out of warranty vehicle if you haven't been a good customer.

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11-22-02, 03:52 AM   #3  
Lol. Well.......

I can agree with someone wanting to do their own work, especially on a Vette. I wouldn't want someone's greasy ass and fingers in my 2001 vehicle .

I'm sure the Vette can be jacked up, or do what I do, drive it one side on the curb and then you have plenty of room to sneak under there and do your business.

Make sure you support it properly if you use a jack, and be careful to jack it slowly and properly if you do.

Otter: If I bought a 40k+ vehicle and there was a legit problem, the dealer would eat it. I got a few campaigns out of Saturn and the car has never seen their bay door----and never will. The trick is in persistence and who/how you contact things.

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11-22-02, 07:24 AM   #4  
no doubt....squeaky wheel gets the grease.

You say potat(oe), and I say potat(o). We help good customers and don't try so hard with the not so good customers.

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11-22-02, 08:55 AM   #5  
Find a Vette shop or Vette club. I know of several in SC. The Vette shops generally are Vette obsessers and should be able to do the oil change cheaper, and may also know of any recalls and such since it's germain to their practice.

Vette clubs, generally manned by wealtheir, mid-40's, mid-life crisis kinda fellows, will know of places to go to.

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