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Exclamation stuck in park

just turned 16 and want to drive my truck (86 F150 automatic transmission) but it is stuck in park. Someone said to check transmission fluid--which I did--it was pretty much empty--filled-but still stuck in park--could it be something on steering colum or should I have been more patient and let truck run for awhile after filling trans. fluid? would take to garage but hate to pay towing if it is something easy to fix.
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Is the shift lever stuck in park, or will it shift to "D" or "R", but won't move once its there?

If the shifter won't move, suspect a problem with the interlock mechanism.

There's a pot metal 'actuator' in the steering column that often breaks. This actuator usually prevents the truck from starting when it breaks, but it also 'actuates' the shift interlock. It could be broken & jamming the shifter.

If it shifts in to "drive" but won't move, you have a transmission problem. It could be something stupid like a clogged filter or something as complex (expensive) as a wasted trans.
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If sitting on an incline with parking brake off, could also just be
slight binding. And I'm assuming you are pulling the lever toward you first?
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I think knuckles may be right

the shift lever is stuck in park--and I think you are right about the possible interlock mechanism. I forgot to mention my grandpa was working on the truck and put a new part in the steering column just prior to this happening--what was happening at that point was I would turn the key but the truck wouldn't start so until the part came in he showed me how to go under the hood and start the truck by touching a plier to a couple of connectors. So then he put the new part in to the steering column but obviously didn't do it quite right because we still have to pull on the cable on the steering colum after turning the key on (pull it towards dash) and then it starts right up--so I think gramps needs to come back and help me out--I will pass this info on to him and hopefully things will work

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