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Unhappy Stuck in park

97 Ford Tauraus "program" car. Asymptomatic automatic transmission (trans axle). I started car this AM and let car warm. I went to place car into drive and gear shift (on column) moved but did not engage into any gear. Car is parked on level surface. Gear shift had no resistance. Is problem the actulator or trans axle cable or something else? How much of a bear is it to replace said items? Any public internet sources available for diagrams and instructions? HELP !!! Car is parked in the middle of the driveway.
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Yes, the trans cable could have snapped or frayed. Have someone watch the linkage up top to see if it moves when you shift the car out of park.

You don't mention which model/engine Taurus you have, but these 2nd generation (96 to 99) Taurus and Sables have also (like their 1st generation brothers) numerous tranny problems. Ford can't seem to lick tranny problems in these models!!!

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Just to update you on what has far. The cable, which is really not a cable but flexible rod, has an end on it which excepts a pin which is then attached to the actulator of the transaxle. There is this small PLASTIC bushing/clip which connets the pin to the bracket. The plastic bushing broke and therefore it is no longer retained in place. The bushing is difficult to come by because of the vehicle being a 'program car'. Per the local Ford dealership, they continued on insisting that the actulator had a threaded stud and that the stud had broken. I produced pictures which showed a machined hole in the actulator and a seperate pin from the cable. The parts manager then realized that the bushing is used for 'other linkage' connections and was baffled. I explained that the 'program' car had a limited production of 1500 cars, and parts catalogs, diagrams, and the such will not show exactly what I have under the hood. The air conditioning systems has the same problems. Meaning, parts are different then what the dealership or any other parts source will show. Ford admits engineering defects in the AC system utilized however, will not assist in anyway to fix the problem. Except to the tune of $2300.00 to convet the AC from the current system to the NEW and IMPROVED system. I don't think so....I'll do without. I hope this information is benefical to the other 1499 people that bought one of these cars. PS: Does anybody want to buy a car ?!?
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I don't know what you mean by "program car". Was it part of a company's fleet? Part of Ford Motor Company's experimental program?

Either way, it's doubtful the parts differ from "regular" vehicles. You probably came across an incompetent parts person, try another dealership. Some guys aren't too sharp behind the counter, some are great. I've had that in the past.

Perhaps the bushing is not serviced as a separate item and is part of the cable, linkage or flex rod. That is maybe what the parts guy was alluding to. Fine in such case. Simply buy the part that will include the needed bushing.

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