ford fiesta


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ford fiesta

can anyone help , my fiesta broke down for no apparent reason,after checking it over i noticed that i was getting no spark from the points...i bought new spark plugs,coil,a set of points and when i set them all up nothing ..still no spark from the points or baffled help
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You are also supposed to change the condenser which is usually screwed close to the points.It looks like a small one inch long tubular can.Also check to see if you are getting 12 volts across the points when they are open or on the coil.The small condenser is connected across the points and goes short often when bad and shorts out the points so when the points open ,the ground can't break as the points open because there is a short across the points caused by the condenser.If you don't get 12 volts across the points when the points are open then the condenser is short or 12 volts are missing due to a broken wire or bad connector ect.
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Year of the Fiesta? Ford pulled the plug on this one in a jiffy (1978 to 1980) as they were poor quality.

See if has anything on it. Also check my "The Basics" post below.

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