radiator leak plastic


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radiator leak plastic

92 Mazda Protege has a crack in the plastic top of the raidator. The leak is in a 90 degree radius where the plastic was formed and about 3 inches long. Can any repair be effected on plastic? Tried epoxy cleaned with acetone but did not hold. New radiator?
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You could try a minature butane torch that you can buy at Radio shack.It is a very small but handy ,melt the plastic and push the melted plastic into the crack but be carefull because if you botch it then you probably need a new rad.Remove the rad cap and drain the rad down a little.Also go to a rad shop and see what they think about repairing it.

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Yes there is hope. I repaired my radiator in my 89 Honda CRX. I roughed up the surface real well and cleaned it with alcohol, then used "Plastic Weld". It's an epoxy you can get at Advance Auto (that's where I got it) that works really well for plastic. It's been welded for almost a year now. No leaks whatsoever.

Good luck.

BTW, JB weld didn't work here. I was wondering if it would or not, because of the heating/cooling cycles it would be subjected to.

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I fixed a sim. prob on my 88 626 with JB weld it held for two years much to the suprise of my buddies. I did end up replacind the radiator eventualy, but till the end the JB held. Make sure you clean the area very well and rough up the plastic. Hey its worth a shot if the rad. is in good shape other wise.
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I wonder if a trip to home depot isn't the answer! Try subfloor adhesive on the crack. It drys like a rock! You can't get it off of anything,and it just might do the trick! I just used it on my bronco distributor to glue the oil pump rod to the bottom end so I could insert it into the oil pump and the gear at the same time.Worked like a dream! hmmm maybe a substitute for bars leak? no just kiddin! Let us all know what worked- please-thanks.[Learned that from a ford parts man!!]
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Alternatively, many plastic radiators can be repaired by good radiator shops, so you might try that too.

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