A/C clicking when heat is running.


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A/C clicking when heat is running.

I have a 1998 Ford Taurus SHO 3.4L V8 with 55k miles.

Now that it's getting a little colder outside we are running the heater. The problem is that you can hear what sounds like the A/C clutch engaging about every 15-20 seconds. Should the a/c be running at all with the heater selected? By the way, heat is all that blows out, no cold. I've already had the a/c compressor replaced once which cost me $1300 bucks and really don't feel like doing it again.

Thanks for all the help and thanks for doing a professional job of moderating.

Mike F.
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usually will run in defrost or mix mode or if a/c switch is pushed in on just heat setting it should not run.
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Is it OK to just unplug the power harness for it?
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As noted, it depends on where the selector switch is.

Most folks don't realize that running the defroster cycles the compressor...even with hot air coming out, as a defroster dehumidifies as well as clears the window .

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