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Another year under the belt of the 84 Olds 88. Just got it NYS dyno'ed a few hours ago.

The results:

0.42 g/m output, 2.50 HC g/m, limit
5.1 g/m output CO, 15.0 g/m limit
1.70 NOX, 2.50 limit (new EGR valve for next year).

That's with the limits being tightened 40% by the state as well . Looking at last year's #s, it would have passed for this year's standards.

All I did was new plugs, wires (the old ones with 3000 miles on them broke off!) and an air filter this morning.

Good maintenance yields good running automobiles. The 1997 Grand Am in front of me failed the test on NOx .

My friend who does the inspections said he never sees 84 vintage cars run that clean. LOL.
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Well congrats there Joe sounds like you keep her purring like a kitten. Here in West Virginia there are no smog tests, we'll be last to implement them if it's made a nationwide issue anyway.

I'd say my CRX would pass. It's an 89 with 126,000 miles and burns no oil and nets me an average of 42 MPG. It'd have to be running right to put up numbers like that. My best tank to date was a 49 MPG but I kept it on 55 and made sure I didn't wind any gears out, or shift down when I didnt' need to. But, geez that wasn't any fun. That's the whole point of a five speed to me is have fun driving it.

Anyway Kudos on the great inspection. I just put new shoes on the wifes Passport this morning. Snow is comming, brrr.

Bigpoppax2 (Joe)

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Hmmm Joe? You know most people would take the car to be inspected and fail. Then post a question on the auto board. Then just replace the plugs and fail again!. Then post another question on the auto board. Then replace the wires and then fail again. Then post another question on the auto board and say something stupid like "I'm at my wits end?" and I dont know what to do?!?!?! Then replace the air filter and pass after 2 weeks of fiddling with their engine!

Are you sure you did this correctly? LOL

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Your buddy at the inspection station rarely sees '84 or '80-anything cars run that clean because most of the 1990 & older cars on the road are BEATERS, not well maintained machines like your Olds.
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This is true. Believe it or not, there is another Olds 88 he gets to inspect that also flies through because it's well kept.

The body on my Olds is fair, mostly due to the abuse it suffered while away at college with my cousin. I've gotten it into respectable shape with some TLC and work. LOL.

Last night I went to Sears to pick up some oil and had to pull into the bay to pick it up. We took the Olds and the girl that billed me out was like WOW, you don't see these cars anymore after looking at the sticker on the windshield and seeing it was a 1984.

Even more so to see the brand new inspection sticker on there.

The inspectors are two brothers who have been doing my cars since 1990 says, "Joe's cars are always in good shape and run well" LOL.

The point is that if they are well maintained, they will pass, deliver good fuel economy as well as cost less to operate. Not only that, they are reliable, fun to drive and pollute less.

Atta boy GM .

Score one for old school GM rear drive .

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