2000 Mazda 626 - 4cyl. idling as a diesel


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Question 2000 Mazda 626 - 4cyl. idling as a diesel

Dear Moderator,

Please help me and give me a thought on this : about 5 weeks ago my 2000 Mazda, 4 cylinders started to ramp up its RPMs while idling, finally up to 4000 RPM's. Mazda Dealer changed out the body throttle and returned the car back to us. We ran it for a day and the behavior wasn't that drastic anymore, but it was still ramping up by itself, while in Drive and without gas pedal, up to 1900 RPM's. Also the engine runs noisy most of the time, as if was a diesel. Returned car back to Dealer's Shop and after a few days got it back. They said that the noise is normal. Now the car is not ramping up by itself anymore, but it is very touchy. You barely press the gas pedal and the RPM's increase visibly higher than originally.For instance, when gas pedal was pressed originally, RPM's were at 1000 now RPM's are 1500-1750, which the Dealereship says that's OK. Please let me know which test can be used to prove the increased level of engine's noise and what to do with this touchy gas pedal ? Basically it is an other car now.
Thank you for your time and understanding.
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Take it back to the dealer and request to talk to the Service Manager. Do not talk to a service WRITER, do not talk to the service writer's supervisor, the cashier, or even the Assistant Service Manager. If he's not available, ask to talk to the General Manager or tell them you'll wait. You have a problem, they didn't fix it, and you're not satisfied. Any business worth frequenting would be doing more to keep you as a customer.

Could be something as simple as an overly tight adjustment on the throttle cable.

If they insist the car is acting properly, ask them to trot out a like model and show you that that is how it is supposed to act/sound.

Squeeky wheel gets the grease.

My $.02 worth.
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I agree. Do not simply drop off the vehicle and leave it in their hands initially. You'll get lip service. Have someone take a ride with you and demonstrate.

Make sure the floor mat isn't wadding up and jamming the gas pedal, this will cause your concern.

Barring that and the dealer being no help, call up Mazda Corporate and complain to them.
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Dear "The_Tow_Guy" and "Joe_F" ,

I want to thank you very much for your advice and for taking
the time to answer to my worries.
Florin Bonteanu.

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