Mercury Sable stalling/AC problem


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Mercury Sable stalling/AC problem

This is a 1993 Mercury Sable 3.8 L V6.
1. I have recently begun to experience a stalling problem that seems to occur only when the air conditioner is switched on. The car can be driving normally but will stall immediately when the AC is turned on and then will not restart at that time. The starter motor sounds as if it is turning normally. When I've come back to start the car after leaving it overnight or a for a few days, it has started and driven uneventfully - until I turn the AC switch, at which point it immediately stalls and won't restart as described above.

Suggestions for how to identify the problem? Perhaps there may be a switch or sensor somewhere that is not working properly?

2. The anti-lock braking system light on the instrument panel has recently (a month or so prior to onset of the problem described above) begun to stay on. The owners manual indicates that this means that the ABS system is disabled but that normal breaking is not affected. Since this vehicle has been demoted to our "emergency backup car", I'm not planning to spend money to service the ABS - will there be any problem in not doing so if the normal braking system is working properly?

Thank you
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Fix the ABS properly or pitch the car. The ABS is an integral part of the braking system. Don't gamble.

Have you done an output test on your alternator? See my The Basics below.
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It might be a locked up air conditioner compressor.When you turn on the AC it basically just stops the engine.If you or someone else can reach the front of the compressor(This thing is down in "NO Mans Land" on the front of the engine) you can see if the front turns by hand(the part on the front of it that has the little bolt through it),if it doesn't then that's your problem.
It might also be your idle air control motor or computer itself.The computer recognizes that you've turned the air on and is suppose to compensate the engine strain by adjusting the idle air control solenoid.If either aren't working,the car dies.
As far as the ABS concern,if the light is on you still would have normal braking.The system has fault codes in it just like your engine codes.A shop might not charge much just to scan the codes so you can know what the concern is.Sometimes it's just a dirty wheel sensor that needs to be cleaned.

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