Headlight lens condensation


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Headlight lens condensation

1993 Plymouyh Voyager van

Right headlight enclosure continually gets condensation inside and clouds over.

I purchased a new set a year ago, but the right one is repeating the problem.

Anything I can do to stop this ?

The van is parked in the garage at night. I live in the Atlanta metro area.
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Most of the time in the shop we'd drill a small hole in the lower corner of the lamp housing.This let's the moisture drain out and will usually work.You might also try resealing around the lamps seam,but usually have to remove the whole assembly top do so.
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It may be dirt due to smog like car indoor windows.I have the same problem and it is not moisture.If the headlamp is sealed then there can be no moisture or dirt inside.You have a broken seal or crack somewhere and unless you can see the droplets then it probably is dirt that looks like a white film.You could remove the bulb and clean the inside surface with somthing very flexible like a bottle wash brush.I tried to clean mine and gave up after trying several methods but I did't think of the bottle washer.The bulb hole is small and it is difficult to get anything through it but a bottle washer might work because small bottles can be washed with it.
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Yes, I have water droplets inside the housing. I cleaned before with rag and stick but purchased a bottle washer tonight to try. (I had same idea davidf)

I don't think drilling a hole would help, since it is just droplets - but maybe.

The seal around the bulb seems to be good.

Is the housing supposed to be airtight when the bulb is seated ?

I never cleaned the first one, and after the droplets dry a few times it leaves a white film that is hard to get off.
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Make sure you put the bulb back on so it seals good and there are some bottle washers that are thick wired and don't bend too well and some that are thin and bend very well and are more expensive like the rubbermaid brand.Maybe a bad socket seal for the bulb is the reason moisture got in or the socket seal is deformed or torn.Buy a new one at the dealer if bad.

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