Car Battery - CORRODED!


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Car Battery - CORRODED!

I have a 1999 Mazda 626 which has approx 42,000 miles. It's a leased car and the lease will expire at the end of March 2003.

I've never had any problems with it and the only expense I've had was replacing the tires and of course, regular maintaintance.

Today, at JIFFY LUBE, where the air filter and the oil was changed, I was told the battery was really corroded and they recommended I pay for battery cleaning service. Since money was real tight, I said, "No, I'll have my boyfriend take care of it!"

Well, there's no boyfriend -- I'm it, Ms. Fix-It!

Is a corroded battery a "Do-It-Yourself" job? If so, can you "talk" me through cleaning it? THANK YOU!

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Assuming that it just your battery terminals where the cables connect to that is corroded then (a greenish corrosion around the terminals) you can clean them yourself. Most parts stores carry battery terminal cleaner. Just spray this on the terminals and let it sit, you might have to take a wire brush to them making sure not to connect the two terminals together. Then just using a squirt bottle with water in it to clean off the terminals. Finally spray it with WD-40 for protection from corrosion.
It may just be cheaper to have them do this for you, check and see. Good luck
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how to clean

ere is how I would do it first buy some baking soda a wire brush and some gloves and eye protection. Put on your most crappy clothes. Remove Battery from car and brush posts with the wire brush, Next spray battery with garden hose to get it wet then sprinkle on soda and it should fizze. rinse off and take an old rag and wipe it down to remove dirt and stuff.
Spray battery tray and do the same thing as above.BE CAREFUL YOU DO NOT GET SODA INSIDE.
You can do this until all fizzing stops. Make sure to clean all connections good. reinstall battery and you are done.
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Batteries can seep acid through the lead posts when they get old. This causes the corrosion seen on batteries many times. If this battery is old, I'd suggest replacing it. The acid can seep into your cables and rot them as well if it continues. Otherwise, clean it as reccomended.
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Nah, don't replace it, it's not your car . A leased car is a tool, nothng more. That's why I don't buy them when they are traded. LOL.

Clean the terminals as noted, otherwise, leave it go until it's traded in. If you carry a cell phone, you can just call for a jump when needed.

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