Altezza Tail Lights


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Lightbulb Altezza Tail Lights

Hi, I Was Wondering if They Make "Altezza Tail Lights" that would Fit My Car - 89 Oldsmobile Delta 88

(Getting new paint job Want new look)
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I doubt that they do.
Only made for the most popular imports and some very popular domestics
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Taillight covers/modifications are illegal in many states and scream "Pull me over and ticket me...drain my wallet in the process"

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Altezza Tail Lights are 100% Legal in 50 States.
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Not a good light from what I read

I went to GOOGLE and did a search on this type light there is one site I think about 3 down that says these lights are missing OEM function so they do not get the sae number,
It says that they do not have the reflector that must be in the light assy.I don't think they are legal in most states I would like to get some for my Matrix but I don't think so now. I sure don't want to draw attention from the law I don't care how cool they look.
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Says who? .

A lamp is designed to meet Federal (DOT) certification. This includes lens type, bulb type, color, reflection, etc.

Changing that lens might make you out of compliance. Most parts like that come with a waiver stating "check your local laws before ordering/installing this product".

I agree with Michael----probably illegal. I would stay away. Besides it makes it look "ghetto" LOL.

You mentioned many other troublesome problems with this vehicle---spend your money fixing those first.
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The clear taillights aren't legal but the new altezza lights are. If you probably noticed on a couple of new cars, for example the Lexus, has them, the new Nissan Altima has them. possibly certain manufacturers of altezzas are not in compliance. and how they look is someones preference.
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The old style after market ones that are %100 clear are illegal. The newer ones come with the red coloring built into the tail lamps, and they are therefor legal for street usage.

Keep in mind that they are a bad ricer upgrade (no offense intended by the slang) They look absolutely horrible on any car on the street except for a couple of cars that come with them from the factory-such as the nissan altima and Maxima. They really do degrade the look of your car. GM and Ford, and any car manufacturer spend a lot of time designing cars to look sharp from the get go. A $99 set of taillamps is not going to improve the look of a 15-20k$ car. I know you will come back and say...but I think they look great. Fine, do a poll and see what others think about them. You put those on your car, and you WILL be the joke of everyone who sees you.

Spend the money on a tune up or a nice set of flowmasters.
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I agree w/ Joe_F & jthompson as far as actually installing these things on your car, BUT...

Style is subjective. You may think these tail light lenses are cool, where others (including me) think they look ridiculous.

But hey, I'm sure others laughed at my high school ride. It was a '77 Nova Concours with headers, turbo mufflers & aftermarket aluminum wheels. To each his own.

I personally don't like the 'ricer look', especially when it is applied to domestic cars, but if you like & it's legal, go for it.

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