Transmission Problem - 1989 Jeep Cherokee


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Transmission Problem - 1989 Jeep Cherokee


I have a 1989 Jeep Cherokee, automatic, with inline six.

Got in the car this morning, cranked up, and backed out of the problem.

Started down the road and the transmission would not shift from first to the next gear.....Jeep would only go about 5 - 10 mph.

Jeep has been shifting gears fine until this morning....ran great all day yesterday.

I remember a 1982 Mercury Cougar I had did the same thing several years ago.

A mechanic told me to purchase a "by pass pipe" to replace the catalytic converter.

Went to the auto parts business and purchased one.

The problem was fixed.

The mechanic explained that if the catalytic converter gets clogged, neither the transmission or the engine will not run more than 5 - 10 mph.

Could this be the problem?
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Well it is not a clogged catalytic converter

Chapter 2

Disconnected the catalytic converter thinking it might be the reason why the Jeep won't do more than 10 mph and shift into second gear......that was not the problem.

Back to the drawing board........
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Test pipes are illegal and will only "tell" you if the converter is clogged. If it is, the cause of the rich running condition must be found and corrected and a new converter installed..or else the new converter will suffer the same fate.

Start with the links and posts in my signature file below.

Have you checked the transmission fluid level and condition? When was the last time the tranny was serviced with a new filter and fluid?
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Chapter 2

Hi Joe,

Thanks for reply.

Yes, I know the by pass pipes are illegal and only real use is testing for a bad catalytic converter.

However, I eliminated that possibility by disconnecting the converter.

The transmission problem still has not changed.

I did check the fluid and it is right on the full mark.

It is a good color with no foul odor.

I have not had the transmission fluid or filter changed since purchasing the Jeep.

Maybe a good start.

The transmission is not slipping or producing any burnt type smell like I have seen other transmissions when they are malfunctioning.

For this reason, I tend to believe the tranny is ok and the problem may be electrical or vacuum.

I will follow your link and keep you posted as I explore different possibilities.



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